If you are new to blogging world or have just started to care about SEO of your blog or website yhe term like Organic Traffic, Direct traffic, referal, paid traffic and so on can create confusion. This article will help you to understand about organic traffic, it's importance in web and ways to achieve it more effectively and efficiently.

what is organic traffic


Organic Traffic refers to hte visits or hits that a website get from search result page of different search engines. Generally, the traffic received naturally from unpaid medium is organic traffic. The traffic received from paid advertisement like from Google Adwords or any other ad network isn't counted as organic traffic. The traffic you received from various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and the traffic received after referral from other websites or sources also act similar like Organic Traffic.

Some clients desire to display advertisement of their website in the top positions of various search results pages whic helps to drive organic traffic to their website. Though such ads makes your website easily visible on search result page and gives you good organic traffic, they will start to lose all the rank and traffic as soon as they stop to fund for those ads.

The traffic your website receive after typing your URL directly in browser address field  is not organic. If the user is using any Proxies, VPN, suspicious IP or Tor, traffic received from such user is alos not considered as valid organic traffic though they may visit your website after the proper click from search engine result page.Also, the traffic received as referral from Traffic Exchange programs like Traffup, Traffic Ape are harmful to your website or blog as they may lead to Adsense Suspension and may affect your SEO and search engine ranking.


The amount of organic traffic received by your website determine it's  quality. The number of organic traffic you get from genuine user may increase your community.Organic traffic plays major role in your income from website (Adsense income). If you are running google Adsense ads or ads from any other network you will get higher CPC (Cost Per Click) on each ads if the traffic you received is organic. ALso, if a user visit your site from search result, the ads shown matches the search keywords which increases chance of getting clicks on the ads displayed on your website. Organic traffic helps to improve ranking of your website which helps to get higher postion in the search results pages.


 There are some easiest ways to monitor and analyze organic traffic. Clicks and impression on different search engines results can be monitored from their respective webmaster. Google have search  console and Bing have Bing Webmaster. For this first you have to connect your site with these webmaster and submit your sitemap. Here you can monitor search result position for you site, keywords used to locate your site, number of clicks and impressions and so on. This helps you to evaluate what kind of content people actually want to view. The place where you have to work is to get higher position in search result and convert impressions into clicks.
The easiest way to look the stats of traffic is google analytics. After you inject google analytics code to your main theme page you can get all kind of stat from google analytics. The following are the major traffic types a per Google Analytics.
i. Organic Search: It is the traffic received from clicks from search engines result pages.
ii. Social: It is the traffic hits you received from Social Media platforms. It can be from your bio, post you shared, comments or the Ads you run on social media. (Ads from Social Media does not do any harm to your website SEO or ranking)
iii. Direct : It is the traffic received from users who directly enters URL of your website in the address bar of browser.


The one and only way to get more organic traffic is regularly posting qualtiy content with proper Search Engine Optimization.

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